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The Rant
Well, the Supreme Court has really plopped some turds in our punchbowl lately!  Several weeks ago, they ruled that
buffer zones are no longer permissible or required around clinics providing abortion services.  The old law said that the
screaming, frothing hysterical forced birth contingent had to stand 35 feet away to verbally assault women entering the
clinic.  Now, courtesy of the Supremes, the protestors are free to get right up in your grill again.  Proving that the
members of the court have absolutely NO idea what goes on in the real world, the ruling describes the protestors as  
"calm" and "nonconfrontational.", and that their behavior was simply “personal, caring, consensual conversations.” Yeah,
right.  How the liberal women on this court could sign onto this unanimous ruling is just beyond me!
In further depressing court news, the Hobby Lobby ruling basically says that corporations are not only people, but they
can have religious faith.  And they are now free to ignore any law that offends that sense of faith.  OK, the actual ruling
was more narrow – allowing Hobby Lobby to avoid paying for birth control mechanisms mandated by the Affordable Care
Act (ObamaCare) because they sincerely, but totally incorrectly view those types of birth control to be abortificants.  But
once this door has been opened, what’s next?  You can think of all sorts of medical procedures that are frowned upon by
one religion or another.  But even scarier for us, I believe this will be used as precedent to allow companies to refuse
service and/or employment to GLBTs because it violates their religious beliefs.  
Side note:  On the hypocrisy scale, the folks at Hobby Lobby are off the charts.  For one thing, their prior insurance plans
actually COVERED the birth control methods they objected to once ACA dictated that they must be provided.  For
another, Hobby Lobby invests in the companies which make the drugs/devices in question.  And just exactly how
Christian is it to employ what amounts to Chinese slave labor to make the crap their sell in their stores.  Come to think of
it, China forces abortion to help control population.  Yet Hobby Lobby doesn’t seem to mind doing business with them at

Here’s my favorite comment on the whole mess
, courtesy of Mrs. Betty Bowers, "America's Best Christian":

In happier news, Kentucky’s anti-gay marriage laws were just struck down. So, we now have something like 20 states in
which the laws have been struck, and most of them are working through the appeals process.  The first appeals court
ruling came down a week ago, and that court ruled in our favor.  BIG victory there!  It’s still a bit murky how and if/when
the cases will converge on the Supreme Court, but this should get finally resolved in the next couple of years.  However,
this court has shown that they are willing to deny reality and contort themselves to force their Neanderthal views on the
rest of us, so I’m not particularly confident these days that we could win in the Supreme Court, despite the overwhelming
victories we are scoring at the district and appeals levels.

Meanwhile, we remain in limbo.  Happy 4th everyone!  America, home of the (not so) free and the (not very) brave.