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Carol Wyatt-Woodell

Founder, Social Notes Houston (pictured with her wife Sallie)
You know, I am not channeled into some cosmic gay boogie beam. The information I provide in Social Notes comes from all of you! So if you know of anything going on that might be of interest to our readers, use the contact form below to send us updates. You make my life a LOT easier when you send me something that we can cut and paste!

You can also use that same form if you have anything to say about Social Notes….unless you are writing to complain about how I have slandered indigenous cultures by making fun of fish tacos, or some other nonsense. Come on girls, get a life!

To receive an email alert when Social Notes has been updated, use the form at the right to sign up for the mailing list.

Carol Wyatt

Contact Direct

Suanne Brady

Your Social Secretary (enjoying Snowmeggedon 2016 in Richmond, Virginia)
I’ll be taking care of posting of all the wondrous information about our community going forward to free up Carol’s time for other worthy causes. I’ve only been in Houston since December 2016 so I’m as interested as anyone in what’s going on in our community.

And since I’m new, and have only just begun making friends, please feel free to send me a Friend Request on Facebook, to join our new Facebook Group, or just send me an email to say hello! I’m really looking forward to serving as your new Social Secretary.

Wishing you Joy,

Contact Direct

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February 15, 2017