PlantFit – Personal Training

Amber Callahan is a mom, wife (she and her wife, Nicole, have two high energy boys!), runner, certified personal trainer (A.C.E. and Art of Strength) and plant based diet enthusiast. She currently trains clients using kettlebells, vintage barbells and dumbbells, suspension systems and battle ropes. Her goal is for her clients to get stronger and fitter in order to tackle life’s daily activities, as well as achieve personal fitness goals, such as running a 5K. In addition to training at Art of Strength, Amber also holds 10 day boot camps complete with recipes to help with healthier eating. Find out more about Amber and how she can help you get fit on her website, PlantFit. You can find healthy recipes, her blog, workouts (with video) and other information there. Please contact her to schedule a session or with questions. The introductory session is free!