Smiley Face Records – Recording Studio

Smiley Face Records, a Houston Recording Studio, has been open since 2005 and is a BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ProTools/Analog recording facility owned and operated by musicians, songwriters, and performers that have a first hand knowledge of the need for a quality product. Our recording rates start at $60.00 per hour, but we prefer to quote per project rates so that artists do not need to “watch the clock” and lose the muse. We have a wonderful stable of professional studio musicians available for hire if your project requires. It is our goal to provide a creative and comfortable environment for your project to take shape. Our Digital/Analog Studio is built around the ProTools system, Toft ATB board and SSL modules with top-quality monitors, mixers, outboard gear, plug-ins, vintage gear and microphones. As musicians and producers we can help you to develop and produce your project. Our session slots stay booked usually 2-3 months in advance so expect there may be a bit of a wait to schedule your session, although we do have cancellations from time to time.

More Info: website or call Cindy at 713.524.6457.