Cathedral of Hope

Cathedral of Hope Houston is a church like a great many other churches. We are not going to try and tell you that what you will find here is so unique that you will never encounter it anywhere else, but we do believe what we have found here, and what we are building together at CoHH, is very special.
We are a growing congregation with a passion for community, diversity, and joy!  Our worship is a  blend of traditional and contemporary. We love music and want it to be a focal point in worship. We also believe the message brought to us each week is important and should inspire us to continue to grow spiritually and be of service in the world. We also serve Holy Communion every Sunday; for us, communion encompasses healing, reconciliation, hope, and community.

CoHH is a congregation of the United Church of Christ; the best kept secret in Christianity! We were  born out of the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas. Our ministries are growing and we are always looking for ways to be of service, to learn, and to have fun!

Our worship services are Sunday at 11:00 am and we are located 9022 Long Point Rd, Houston, TX 77055 (a piece of Mangum between 43rd and Pinemont).


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