Texas Democratic Women (TDW) – Harris County Metro Area

Proud to be a Democrat, Prouder to be a Democratic Woman

Our “vision”

  • Have a commitment to “do.”
  • At every meeting, have a “hot shot” speaker of interest to TDW.
  • Establish a clear purpose/focus.
  • Ensure diversity in chapter, plus getting all members “engaged” and to feel “welcomed.”
  • Get out to locations and communities.
  • Finances handled well by committee.
  • Help members to learn how to deliver TDW message.
  • Professional website and newsletter to get women’s attention.
  • “Big” fundraiser event.

Hold Get-Out-The-Vote events.These things are possible and can be done if YOU get involved. Join a committee and start making
a difference!

TDWHarris Meetings
Fourth Monday, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. @ the Harris County Headquarters
1445 North Loop 610 West, near Ella Blvd.