The Rant – September 4, 2014

The ISIS beheading of a second US journalist is providing neocon warmongers (who have never been right about a single thing) to beat the war drums again.

Yes, ISIS is an absolutely horrible terrorist organization (for gawd’s sake, they make Al Qaeda look decent by comparison!). But did you know that they owe much of their rise and success to our miserably failed Iraq invasion, and the resulting destabilization of that country and the surrounding area? Here’s an excellent article which spells out our culpability in this mess.

I bring this up because every time we intervene in the ancient middle Eastern rivalries, we make things worse. So we better think long and hard about our response to these recent atrocities and the down-stream impact it will have before we take any action. And the LAST thing we ought to do is listen to John McCain, Lindsey Graham and a whole host of rabid right-wingers who believe that the solution to every problem is a new war.

When the lawmakers who are clamoring for war are willing to institute a 30% tax increase to fund their follies, then I might pay attention. When they are willing to sign up their OWN sons and daughters to do the fighting, then they might have my grudging respect. Until then, fie on the lot of them!