The Rant – April 2017

I swear, Trump and his incompetent regime could screw up a one car funeral! You think the public was mad about the thought of taking away their health care, just WAIT til the Trumpies royally screw up a cherished Washington tradition – the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. The Obamas were always such gracious hosts for this event, and by all evidence thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Trump isn’t even planning to be there, and based on the lack of planning thus far, I’m not sure that Mar-A-Lago is going to be far enough away for him to hide when this event turns out to be a total train smash!

It starts with the fact that these nincompoops have shown no evidence of how to do anything correctly. And you know, there is an actual blueprint for how to throw this event, but God forbid that Trump would do ANYTHING that Obama did! Then you add that fact that the First Lady, who is supposed to manage the Egg Roll, stays as far away from the White House as possible and hasn’t even managed to hire a staff. But who can blame her – would YOU want to have to be in the same house with Trump???

Anywho, there’s big trouble brewing in Egg Roll Expectation Land! So far, it looks like the event will be about half the size of previous year. They forgot to order the commemorative eggs, and by the time they got around to it, the company could only manufacture about half the number that they usually ship. Meanwhile, what gall to invite the Sesame Street characters at the same time the administration is threatening to kill the budget for the show’s network, PBS. No word on A List celebrities who have attended/performed in the past. Given their total shunning of Trump’s inauguration, I expect that we’ll be seeing the likes of Ted Nugent performing for the little tykes. That should go well.

In a good year, the Egg Roll draws about 35,000 people. Who knew! And it takes about 1000 volunteers to help run things. Too bad Trumpy has only managed to sign up 500 volunteers! Normally, attendance is driven by blocks of tickets which are issued to area schools, military families and to congressmen. So far….crickets….

Ummmmm, isn’t Easter 3 days away???? But one thing is for sure, no matter how badly this goes, and how few people actually show up, you just know that Trump will claim that his Egg Roll was the largest and bestest ever recorded in history. Period!

Happy Easter everyone!